Most Popular Color Circle Jump Free IOS & Android Game

Color Circle Jump is the most amazing and addictive game on IOS and Google Play Store.

Do you want challenge your brain playing a fun game of color switch ball?

Let’s go and make small circle match the right color! Challenge game with Color Switch, so fast and so fun!

Color Circle Jump Free

Pop the ball up very carefully to pass hurdles; your ball will swap color. You must need to follow color pattern of each hurdle to pass through it.

The ball must go through the matching color, if the ball does not go through the matching color, your ball will explode and you will start again.

Example: Yellow ball only goes through Yellow Colors that rotate, switch and change.


  • Start play and collect all of the stars to get high score
  • Tap on the screen to jump the color switch ball
  • Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch the color. You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it.

TIPS: Take your time, the color switch ball moves according to your fingers. Be careful not to go through the wrong color, or you’ll have to start again. So strategize!!


  • Switch Color has HD graphics
  • Impressive color patterns.
  • Easy to play, hard to master
  • Switch Color is a game free for all ages.

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The best color Circle Jump game you will play forever. Fun and addictive color switch game will start playing the game again.

Color Circle Jump is a free IOS and Android Game available in App store! Its a great fun kids game. Youtube Video