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Alien banner

The Aliens are looking for new home to live in and they found the Earth is suitable planet for them! Aliens attacked on the Earth to occupy our beautiful planet.

You lead whole army to fight against the powerful aliens. Your army have to fight against ruthless dangerous alien civilisations. Are you ready for the incredible adventurous fight between Army and Aliens?

All your powerful commandos rushed into the meeting room as its an emergency and you inspire them to win the war for our world, otherwise aliens will steal it from us and humans will got killed and they will make never came resister for us. So this is your responsibility to save our planet.

Our army will fight till last breathe! That requires keen planning and implementation of your best defense strategy. That will send them back to their planet. You are the first person of army (leader) so you have to trigger the war. Secure our borderlands. Shoot aliens using your sharp shooting skills and win the medal of honor!

Free android game play and suitable for youngsters, kids and elders too. Play the wonderful game of wars and get interest in it for long time. Have a world war fun play!

Use your most powerful weapons for the boss alien and make kill him as soon as possible, otherwise boss might hurt you severely. Your army heroes are ready to start the fight? Start playing Alien shooting game and have fun for free infinite times.

Play 20 gorgeous looking themes inside the game and 20 different types of weapons for the powerful aliens. Select powerful weapon for more powerful alien because as you complete the level more powerful boss alien will come to attach you!

  • Awesome graphic design and sound tracks
  • 20 stunning missions
  • Powerful weapon selection
  • Excellent acceleration controls
  • Upgrade your weapons
  • Interesting powerups