Best Video Cutter and Editor Free Android Application

Whether you wish to cut or convert a certain video file with ease, this application is the perfect solution. You will get high-quality results with just a few clicks.

This video cutter can cut your videos from starting point to ending point, create part of videos and export it to your gallery with this video cutter android app. The best android app that helps you to cut and add scenes from any videos and the best the part is you can easily share it with your friends.

You may have got some large video files. Do you want to cut the large videos into smaller ones? Do you want to trim the black content in the beginning and end of your videos? Usually, a video cutter is necessary. Just choose the one you like and starting video cutting for better video effect.

Free Video Cutter is a very popular video cutter for years now. It gives you the ability to cut and video files into small segments as you like with very nice video quality. This name is Video Cutter Editor Free; it’s really a great video clipper. This program supports a vast range of video formats, 3GPP, AMV, AVI, Digital video files, Flash videos, MPEG, WebM Video, Windows Media Video Files etc.

Video Cutter Editor

Cutting videos has never been easier. The application comes with a built-in video player and with its help you will be able to mark the start point and the end point for the cutting process while playing the video. Once you are happy with your selection, you can press the “Cut” button and wait for the result.

Videos Cutter Free provides you following functionalities:

  • Video trimmer – Trim your video and produces clips
  • Video cutter – Split your video file into two separate video
  • Convert video files to mp4 files
  • Share your video clips and upload it (Send e-mail, you tube, Instagram, twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc)
  • Play your saved your video clips

play store

Sip ported Input video formats:

3GPP, AMV, AVI, Digital video files, Flash videos, MPEG, WebM Video, Windows Media Video Files

it can be seen that people enjoy hanging on this wonderful app. Google play store also provides other hot Media & Video apps for android mobile phone. Download and share it with your friends now. Without losing the video quality!


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